Matthias Lutz

CEO and Producer


After completing trainings as paramedic and air traffic controller, Matthias studied Game Design at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munich in 2015.


After his graduation he worked for Aesir Interactive as Junior Executive, supporting and assisting the company CEO in his daily work as well as forming the companystrategy, and Producer/ ScrumMaster, managing projects from 5 – 20 people.


Leadership and Entrepreneurship have been a big part for most of his life. With strong skills in teamwork Matthias was able to lead a change in another company’s team collaboration and culture and will now form his own company with the knowledge gained.


Key Skills


– Leadership

– Teamwork

– Agile Development

– Project Management, Planning and Execution

– Change Management

– Company Management

– Partner Management




– Police Simulator (in development)

– Intellivision Skiing (for the new console Amico)

– Windstorm – The Game

– Shark City (prototype)

– VVS Hunter

– BMW collaborative (Non-Game Interactive Project)

Dominik Lossie

Game Designer


Dominik worked at the Bavarian broadcasting organization (Bayerischer Rundfunk) as a social and cultural volunteer right after school.


During his Game Design studies at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munich he started working for Grimlore Games as a Game Designer and Scripter on Spellforce 3. Following the release of the game he became a Game Design Working Student at Aesir Interactive which turned into a Junior Game Design Job after his graduation.


After shipping multiple projects at Aesir Dodo decided to form his own company to pursue his dream of turning his own ideas and concepts into games.


Key Skills


– Mechanic & Feature Design

– Pitching

– Concept & Vision Design

– Programming

– Teamwork

– Planning




– Spellforce 3

– Windstorm/ Ostwind – Ari‘s Arrival

– VVS Hunter

– Intellivision Skiing (for the new console Amico)

Katharina Franz

2D and 3D Artist


After graduating from High School for Fine Arts and Design, Katharina moved to Japan for one year before starting her Game Design studies at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Munich.


During her studies she was first employed as a working student at the startup Nementic Games in 2D/3D Art. After that she started an intership at PolyAmorousGames as Techinal Game Designer and was move to an UI Arist and Animator role after 2 months. Her intership extended for a total duration of 9 months.


Due to her roles as Art Lead in multiple university projects and her experience in working with smaller indie studios, Katharina‘s ability to develop the visual style of a game and work in the whole Art-pipline will be benefical for the small team at Don VS Dodo.



Key Skills


– Teamwork

– Visual Development

– 2D Art

– 3D Art

– Visual Scripting in Blueprints




– The Omini Tales (in development)

– Paradise Lost (release end of 2020)

– Several University Projects